Shop Notes

This section of my website is a resource I hope people will find useful.  Over the years I have traced the movement plates of clocks I have worked on.  The point is to positively identify a movement, know its beats-per-hour and theoretical pendulum length in order to “time out” a clock more efficiently.  I use a Time Trax model 180 which is available at  You will notice I have included the tooth counts for the time train starting with the minute wheel and ending at the  escape wheel.   Many of the movements I have been able to confirm the beat counts on other clocks.  However, if you find an error I would like to hear about it (excluding spelling…I never intended to make these notes public so I made no attempt to proof read).

  All are welcome to use these notes and I hope people do.  You are welcome to create links to these pages but I ask:  please do not copy/duplicate any of this information.  

 As I add new movements to my website I will create a post on my Instagram and Facebook accounts stating so.  You can find my accounts on the footer bar by clicking on the icons.

If you have any problems or questions feel free to contact me at: